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Time flies when you’re having fun!

“Tomorrow we’ll meet at 9.30 AM.. Schoolkids: can’t we meet already at 9.00??”

What a surprise response from a group of kids described to us as “less talented”! They were happy to have our 3 day Graffiti workshop instead of school. The day flew by so fast compared to the usual drull making every hour feel double as long. This are how the kids feel who just finished school and “have” to attend this school as they wait to get a job or try to find out what they have to do. So they sit in school with hours of more math and german being treated like their is no future out their for them anyway.

Is it graffiti what makes time fly? I believe it isn’t the core reason. Its because we spend the whole day searching for the individual talents and strengths, give encouragement and hope and lift them up when they fall. And we experience precious kids who dream of a future they believe they can’t have. Give the kids hope to discover their future and you awake a desire sleeping within every single one of them. Listen to this young lady giving feedback on our second workshop day..

Can breakdance change the world?

I don’t know about the world but I have experienced  breakdance change people over and over. Here are two little videos recorded by two precious italian kids. I met one in a workshop at a youth center and could see over a few years how his life has transformed. He is now becoming a leader himself.  The other one came to my dance classes quiet and shy and over the last months I watched him enfold and become alive. Lets hope for even greater things to happen!

I see breakdance as an instrument. It is not what changes. Change comes from the love, the freedom to express yourself, the respect and encouragement you get from others. People who see more than what can be seen, but what is inside you. The destiny you are created for – that is what I search for.

i believe

I believe in the good, I believe simple people are simply misunderstood, If you let them open wings to fly they could, And I believe if I see the strength in the weak, The breathless will breathe and bonds break free, I got hope for the hopeless, I got love for the meak, I hope to see these people leap when they receive all i can give. ME

what do you believe?

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